Project 4: Civic Centred (Week 6)

The Civic Centred project is coming to an end, and I feel that I have designed a relatively successful building to go on the Catholic Church garden site (Front Street 49) in Tynemouth. Right now I am still preparing my final presentation and what I shall present during the review of work. Regardless of how well I do in the review, I shall still be working more for my portfolio, and refining the project.

I think I have learned many important skills during the last 6 weeks of the design project: how to develop a presentation on computer, how to design with diagrams quickly, how to explain my project with a few parti diagrams, how to use Revit to model my design (well, I am still learning that), and how to use InDesign to create a printed presentation.

Additionally, I have modelled my ideas, and kept a straightforward explorative logic to the process I design in. The amount of work I have put into designing this medium-scaled building has given me the confidence and some of the skills I need in order to create an interesting portfolio in a few months. After the presentation on Tuesday 12th of March 2013, I shall be free to think about how to summarise what I have learned throughout the year. I believe I shall do this with my Learning Journal that I have mainly been putting off for the past few weeks, since I have learned so many new ways of working.

I shall add some photographs of work below once I have time to curate my hard-drive and sketchbooks.
And after that I shall be posting my Final Presentation and work that relates to it.