Graduation Project - Building on what is already built (Lit & Phil)

This post summarises the key phases of my Graduation project graphically and in writing.

1. The first phase is the survey and intentional analysis of the existing building the project deals with, the Literary and Philosophical Society's main library building in the centre of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. This will consist of a variety of approaches, both subjective and objective, taking into account the urban context of the site, its history and design process.

This first phase will also consist of a brief exploration of precedents and references that may influence the design process.

2. The second phase of the project deals with the key idea, which will be the foundation for the case of making the extension required by the brief. It should consist of an 'appropriate' architectural strategy related to the work developed in the first phase of the project, while creating an understanding and responding to the building within a cultural continuum dictated by politics, culture and innovation.

3. The third phase of the project will focus on the development and definition of the architectural project. Its aim is to develop the architectural strategy for the extension and addition, while discussing the potential materials of the project and developing the complexity of the project through design tasks and the exploration of the aforementioned references.

4. The fourth phase focuses on the constructive detail and technological development of the developed project. It deals with the contact point(s) between the existing and the new, while emphasizing the technological dimension with regards to the three previous phases.